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    Cost To Ship A Vehicle To College For My Daughter

    Get It Done Auto Transport is here to assist in the safe and secure shipment of either your car or a vehicle for a child. In this guide, we are going to outline why choosing to ship a car to college with the assistance of a vehicle transportation company is an excellent option. While shipping a vehicle using a car transporter is the most popular option, it is far from the only way you can transport your car across the country.

    An alternative is a “terminal-to-terminal” delivery, in which your vehicle is dropped off at a drop-off facility near the school. A drop-off facility near the school. Shipping is generally accomplished by loading your students car onto a flatbed truck or trailer, then driving it to the destination. In this case, this is the process of getting your students car shipped from your students hometown to their college city.

    The moving company will determine how much to move the car, depending on the size of the vehicle being shipped, distance, the type of services required, and how soon you need the car to arrive at the destination. When choosing a vehicle transport company, it is important to take into account several factors that dictate the cost to get your vehicle to your destination.

    The size of the vehicle being shipped (larger vehicles require more space on a carrier, which costs more) To help you figure out auto transportation costs, we gathered quotes from some of the top car hauling companies in the U.S. and provided an extensive breakdown on how to get your vehicle shipped like the pros. Forbes Advisor collected quotes to transport a sedan from Los Angeles to New York, a 2,790-mile journey, in order to determine the average car shipping costs. How to Calculate Car Shipping Cost Per Mile If you would like an approximation of what shipping your vehicle would cost, simply multiply the distance that your car would be driven by an approximation of the per-mile costs.

    Average Cost of Car Shipping While car transportation costs depend on many factors, you can expect auto transportation rates to range anywhere from around $500 for a short interstate haul to over $1,700 for cross-country hauls. Prices will vary depending on distance, destination, preferred transportation method, and season. All of the car-to-student transportation rates listed here are estimates, depending on the roads conditions, weather, and traffic, all of which will affect the actual number of miles driven within one day.

    Shipping a car involves a lot of stops along the way, which is why carriers are limited to how many miles they will go daily. The distance you have to drive is the biggest factor in how long the vehicle takes to be shipped. If your college happens to be pretty far away from your house, perhaps even across the country, this distance will play a role in the amount of time your vehicle takes to ship.

    To make sure that your vehicle makes it to your college campus on the day of your choice, you will have to begin your transportation process well in advance. Make sure to begin your vehicle transportation process soon enough so that you do not end up disappointed way too early into the college year.

    If your teen chooses to ship his or her car to the college, be sure you allow plenty of time to do so. Remember, when your child sends his or her vehicle to college, there is always an additional space available to store the car. It is clear your child will get to travel fewer miles and will not be driving hundreds of miles by themselves, but it is important to also understand all of the benefits to having a vehicle shipped to college.

    Ensuring this not only helps to make sure that your car is shipped successfully, but it will allow your child to have access to their vehicle after being dropped off at the school. Shipping will enable your child to have your sons or daughters own vehicle in school, which as you are likely aware, makes his or her life a lot easier and more convenient.

    Make sure that there is a quarter-tank of gas in the vehicle when they are picked up to ship. Before handing over your vehicle for transportation to the vehicle transporter, you need to ensure that it is adequately prepared.

    Whether you opt for open-air or enclosed shipment, there is little chance your vehicle will be damaged during the transport process. You are in luck, because open-carrier transportation is a highly convenient and trouble-free method of shipping.

    Terminal-to-terminal transportation allows the auto transportation companies to move the whole consignment from location to location, which reduces the total costs. Terminal-to-terminal is cheaper and perfect if you do not want to disrupt your plans and can get the vehicle to your door at a more convenient time. Enclosed auto transportation trucks typically only can hold several vehicles at once, which may increase your total car shipment costs by as much as 50% over open auto transportation costs.

    A single vehicle hauler can haul up to nine vehicles at once, resulting in savings over a private drive-away service. Car transporters also provide an option for having your vehicle transported in private, rather than being placed in transport with other vehicles.

    Move Cars also offers a dedicated Customer Support Team who can answer any questions you might have regarding your transport once you make the decision to move with us.

    If you need to get a vehicle over or around a large body of water, a Port-to-Port delivery can be a great option. Major cities are likely to be on the regular routes for the shippers, so they can easily put your vehicle on the outbound shipment and have it arrive on time.

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    Get It Done TransportationAutoTransport

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