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    Do I need to be present during pick-up and delivery of my car?

    The need for you to be present during the pick-up and delivery of your car depends on the policy of the car transport company you are using, but typically either you or a designated representative should be present. Here’s why:

    1. Inspection:

    • Pick-Up: The transport company usually conducts an inspection of the car to document its condition before loading it onto the carrier. This is to note any existing damage and to avoid disputes about the condition of the vehicle upon delivery.
    • Delivery: Another inspection is usually done at the destination to check for any damages that might have occurred during transit.

    2. Paperwork:

    • Pick-Up & Delivery: There will be paperwork to complete and sign to acknowledge the pick-up and delivery of the vehicle. This might include a Bill of Lading, which is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper, signed by the authorized person, often the vehicle owner or their representative.

    3. Keys Handover:

    • Pick-Up: The driver often requires the keys to your vehicle in case they need to move it during transit.
    • Delivery: You or your representative will receive the keys back upon delivery of the vehicle.

    Designating a Representative:

    If you cannot be present during the pick-up or delivery, most companies allow you to designate a representative, like a friend or family member, to be there on your behalf. They would need to do the necessary inspections and sign any required paperwork.

    Unattended Pick-Up/Delivery:

    Some companies might offer options for unattended pick-up or delivery, where the car is left in a specified, secure location. However, this can be risky as it might lead to disputes about the condition of the car and whether any damage occurred during transit.


    • Communicate with the Transport Company: Clarify their policies and requirements regarding pick-up and delivery.
    • Designate a Trustworthy Representative: If you cannot be present, ensure your representative understands the responsibilities involved.
    • Document the Vehicle’s Condition: Take pictures and notes about the condition of the car before and after transport.

    Finally, check if there are any specific regulations or guidelines in your location or the delivery location regarding car transport, and whether they impose any additional requirements.

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