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    How Do I Get A Quote To Ship A Car

    Instant Quote Shipping Delivery Method Open Enclose Get a Quote Car Details Car 1 Car 1 Year Made Model Car Condition Runs Not Running Add a New Car Add a New Car Last Steps Add Missing Information Shipping Details Email This Email First available Pickup Date Phone Number (optional) By providing your information, you agree to receive emails and text messages. Car Shipping Quote Type Estimated Time Use Online Form 15-20 Minutes Do not have time to call around and cannot find a company that offers Instant Online Quotes.

    The best way to find the lowest car transportation rates is by getting car transportation quotes online from several providers. The easiest way to get car transportation quotes is by finding companies that offer instant auto transportation calculators.

    Since car transportation rates can vary widely, using a car transportation quote calculator can help you understand what to expect to pay for your transport. While the average rates above provide an idea of what to expect in terms of auto transportation rates, what you actually pay for your car shipping depends on more specific factors than just the company. Auto transportation costs vary depending on the distance, vehicle, type of transportation, and outside factors like fuel prices.

    The cost to transport your vehicle will vary significantly depending on the distance you are moving, as well as the size of the vehicle. The size of your vehicle will influence how many other vehicles the auto transport company is able to send, and thus, the cost of transporting it.

    Choosing a covered auto carrier means that your car will only be one of the four or five cars being transported at once (often less!). If you are moving a luxury car or valuable antique, consider using an enclosed carrier. Those moving a vehicle in winter months that want to ensure that the car is protected from damage by snow and ice should consider choosing an enclosed carrier.

    Shipping your vehicle during the winter months may be longer than other seasons as snow and ice may lead to delays. Because many carriers that operate in the open carry multiple vehicles at once, you might need to wait another week or two before your car is delivered. As days become shorter, and conditions become more difficult for auto transporters to move cars, things may become difficult.

    Almost nothing influences auto transportation rates like transportation type, so a broker will ask whether you would like to use open-carry carriers or enclosed carriers. To get the most accurate estimate from a prospective auto transportation carrier, give them as many concrete details as you can about your car and transportation needs. An insured transporter that is doing the actual transportation must include insurance as part of its auto transportation quotes.

    If there is any damage to your car while being transported, and the carriers insurance does not cover it, American Auto Transport will assist with paying your personal insurance deductible. Any damages caused to a vehicle while in transit are directly under the carriers liability, not American Auto Shippings.

    Any modifications or additions to the vehicle, such as lift kits, larger tires/rims, vehicles dropping lower to the ground, or anything similar, should be stated up front, so that American Auto Shipping may assign the appropriate carrier.

    Carriers are not licensed or insured to carry personal items or home items, however, American Auto Shipping does realize you may want to place certain items into your vehicle. This type of car transport should only be chosen if your car is extremely expensive, customized, or if you are moving a car for motorsports. Once you have chosen your car transport provider, you will be working with a representative of the company to determine the time of shipment for your car.

    To keep your peace of mind, be sure the car moving company you select works with haulers who have freight insurance and are licensed by the US Department of Transportation. To request a refund of your out-of-pocket deductible expenses, you will need to file your claim first with your carrier and carriers insurance companies, be denied, and give American Auto Shipping documented evidence of this. If for whatever reason American Auto Shipping is not able to send a customers car/vehicle within that timeframe, the customer can cancel at any time by writing in any cause, and a $200.00 non-refundable charge is waived.

    The client agrees that American Auto Shipping shall have the appropriate amount of time to obtain a motor carrier to carry out the clients transportation. If the need is greater than standard timeline, the faster transportation is expected to be charged.

    While you might see higher rates in the initial auto transport quotes online compared with some Sherpa Auto Transport competitors, once fees and price fluctuations are factored in, you could wind up with a lower price when you settle your bill. Unless you go with Sherpa Auto Transport, Get It Done as, or another auto-shipping company that promises to avoid hidden fees, your final price may end up being higher than you were initially quoted. Get It Done promises to avoid hidden fees on their website, and Sherpa Auto Transport Price Lock promise means that you never pay more than your original shipments quoted rate.

    According to reviews of Get It Done, competition among dispatchers typically leads to lower auto transportation costs. Get It Done Auto Transport connects customers to a large network of carriers, and the company’s Quote Calculator estimates costs based on routing information and carrier availability. To help you get the best deal for your transportation needs, Automoblog has compared quotes from a number of top vehicle transportation companies for different distances and transportation types.

    This post will provide tips on getting auto transportation quotes from reputable companies, as well as examine variables that influence auto transportation prices. While Automoblog recommends both Get It Done Auto Transport and Get It Done, we always recommend you compare auto shipping quotes online from multiple providers in order to find the best value on your trouble-free transport services.

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