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    How To Find The Best Car Transport Company

    The Automoblog team found Get It Done Auto Transport was the best auto transport company, based on pricing, services, and Get It Done Auto Transports customer service, when compared with the providers we reviewed. To help you sort out the best auto transport companies from the rest, Automoblog experts have done extensive research in the car transportation industry. Based on Automoblogs research and Secret Customers Analysis, Get It Done Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, Sherpa Auto Transport, Get It Done, American Auto Shipping, and SGT Auto Transport are the best car transport companies in the market.

    Whether you are a snowbird moving in for the season, or a car collector traveling to an auto show, the best auto transportation companies provide services that will safely take your vehicle from Point A to Point B. All car haulers will happily take your money for delivering your vehicle, but only the best auto shipping companies will give you the rates and services that you deserve. Many of the best auto transportation companies offer free transportation quotes with no obligation, so you can shop around to find one that fits your needs.

    Multiple Car Shipping Even better, Get It Done will match prices with any auto transport companies that have an A+ rating from the BBB and better than average customer reviews.

    Choose the company that offers the pricing you are comfortable with, and can meet your transportation needs, as well as your every other preference. Make sure to select a company with experience moving the kind of car you own, and one that will give you the best deal. Talk with an authorized car broker to ensure that your car is legal to transport in another country, and what their estimated taxes, customs, and duties will be.

    We would not recommend this route for someone shipping their car for the first time — the best companies listed in this guide are brokers. These companies may not ship the 2010 Toyota Camry, or they may charge more than it costs you to do so. The industry is flooded with companies offering similar or identical services, making it difficult to find the best fit for your needs.

    With all these things in mind, it can be overwhelming to begin the process of finding the best carrier for moving your vehicle. For bike transportation, there are several different factors that need to be considered, so be sure you understand the process so that you can find the best bike transportation options.

    While it is usually cheaper to transport a vehicle via rail than by truck, rail transportation is not readily available everywhere, and requires a lot of planning. Shipping by rail can take up to two weeks, depending on distance between pick-up and delivery, and features such as door-to-door service and expedited shipping are rarely available with this option. Because your vehicle shares space with other vehicles, carriers can afford to charge a lower rate, making open-air auto transportation a great choice for long-distance car transportation.

    We have also found open car transportation is the most popular method of car transportation, which makes sense as it is typically the cheapest transportation option. Open car transport is the same kind of transportation used by auto dealerships to deliver new cars, so if you have ever seen a tractor-trailer loaded up with several cars driving down the highway, you will know what an open car transport is all about.

    While there is some overlap between auto transportation services and moving companies, car transporters generally specialize in just moving cars. Companies like Sherpa Auto Transport, who offers a price freeze and a guaranteed clean vehicle, stand out from auto transportation services because of the added value they provide.

    That is why we researched the best auto transportation companies thoroughly, reviewing their services, their quoting processes, prices for cross-country transportation, customer service, and other essential features. The main factors in choosing the best auto transportation companies are wide area of coverage, several transportation options, instant online quotes, low to no down payment, tracking of your car, and great customer service. One important point to keep in mind regarding costs is that smaller auto transportation companies are likely to raise car transportation costs for cross-country transportation.

    This is most likely because smaller car transporter companies do not frequently run these types of longer routes, and may not have the resources to execute your order in time to ship.

    It might seem like it would be hard to organize transportation for an auto or cars over a large distance, but you may find one that does a better job for a reasonable price, taking stress away from the task. Many car transport brokers have networks of carriers throughout the country they can tap into to give you a variety of options.

    Easy Auto Get It Done service standards, lower-than-average prices, and locked-in rates make Easy Auto Ship an option to consider when researching car-shipping companies. Runner-Up 2 Easy Auto Get It Done prices are higher than some of the others, but a perk they do offer is a free wash of your vehicle when you deliver.

    Also, Get It Done Auto Transport says its Price Lock Promise makes sure customers do not need to worry about hidden fees, as it covers costs of up to $300 should the carrier charge more than the price you were originally quoted. While Get It Done Auto Transport does tout international transportation, customers will need to contact a customer service rep to find out more about the company’s processes and capabilities.

    Each car mover is carefully vetted by Easy Auto Ship, part of the effort for Easy Auto Ship to provide great customer service. By turning to experienced brokers like Get It Done Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, Sherpa Auto Transport, and Get It Done, customers can have the peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are being moved by industry leaders in a safe and efficient manner. The brokerage has connections to more than 15,000 auto transportation companies, which allows it to easily find consumers the lowest, mid-tier rates.

    Get It Done pros cons Wide variety of discounts Real-time tracking not available Positive reputation in industry and clientele Efficient quoting process Shipping options for specialty vehicles No mobile app Read the Automoblog review on Get It Done for a deeper dive into Get It Done.

    Get It Done TransportationAutoTransport

    Get It Done TransportationAutoTransport

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