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    How To Transport A Car To California Car Show

    Pick Which Trailer Is Best For You: Number 1 Auto Transport offers two options that will fit your transport needs: Open Car Shipping and Enclosed Car Shipping. You Get the Best Price – Our auto transport experts make sure that you will receive a comprehensive service package for a convenient price.

    If you are planning on taking your classic car on a show and would like to learn more about our covered vehicle transportation services, feel free to contact us, we have an online quote calculator instantly available should you wish to find out the costs for our covered vehicle transport services. If you would like to find out what it costs to get your classic vehicle transported to a show that is coming up, then home again, use our instant online quote calculator. To get a exact quote on picking up your car from the U.S. to send it to Cambodia, use the Instant Car Shipping Calculator above.

    Classic Car Shipping Costs The distance that your classic vehicle needs to travel, as well as the make, model, size, and weight of your vehicle, dictates the price to send the car.

    Keep in mind, while enclosed car transportation usually costs 50% more than open-air transportation, the expense is usually worth it in order to make sure that your classic car is completely protected. An enclosed carrier is usually the safer choice when it comes to moving your vehicle, particularly classic cars or antique vehicles.

    Enclosed carriers are the best transportation method when shipping classic and exotic cars due to the added protection they offer from weather extremes and weather conditions, and from rocks, dirt, and other falling debris. Some classic car transportation services have air-ride suspension systems to ensure smoother travels for fleets of classic cars and other precious vehicles. This transportation method is used by customers who opt for open-top vehicle carriers for their antique exotic vehicles, but require a top-loading service to increase security.

    While the covered vehicle hauler may be similar in size to the open car hauler, it holds fewer vehicles due to its enclosed walls. When the car is enclosed like this, it provides the most secure, secure environment to carry a vehicle. We load classic cars onto the top deck of an enclosed carrier, or an open one, in order to ensure protection against flying debris or spills from vehicles above.

    Otherwise, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements outside as well as the usual road debris on its journey — which is why open-air transportation is not a great option for very delicate or expensive vehicles. For the sake of safety, you will want to opt for climate-controlled enclosed car transportation rather than open-air car transportation for classic vehicle moves. When looking to transport your vehicle from California (or vice-versa), there are two primary services to choose from, enclosed transport vs. open car transportation.

    This type of service typically costs more than open-air transportation, but is perfect for expensive or rare cars, as well as luxury brands who want to avoid damages and exposure when being transported. We suggest looking for a service that offers enclosed transportation, has experience with shipping classic cars, and provides advance tracking and insurance information.

    There are many companies out there offering auto transport services, so it is important to do your research and find one that is reputable and has experience moving cars in California, such as SAKAEM Logistics. When shipping your vehicle, it is important to receive quotes from several carriers so that you can compare prices and services. Since the cost to transport your vehicle often increases by around 25% from the initial quote, it is worth looking at any type of warranty.

    Now that you know how to get a car shipped to the car show, it is important to be extremely cautious in finding a car shipping company, since you have probably invested a tremendous amount of money in your car. If a knowledgeable car transportation company has transporting cars for auto shows as one of its services, you will have an extra layer of security since you are dealing with someone that has done this several times before.

    If you are a collector of classic cars and you need to move your vehicle to a car show in another state, then you might want to seek out a covered car transportation company that offers bulk rates and rebate programs. Classic car transport is one of the most secure ways of getting your car to and from non-local car shows, but this does not mean that you can just pick the lowest-priced transportation option and call it a day.

    Whether you are planning on attending a local show or traveling across country, transporting your collector car is always a major decision in your pre-show planning. Getting yourself and your collector car to the next show in one piece should always be the number one transportation option. If driving your collector car is not an option, you have a few options: Pulling your own trailer, or hiring a hauler.

    An open-bed trailer is ideal for a classic vehicle that you bought for restoration, while enclosed trailers are ideal for your vintage car that is ready to go. The ideal way to carry your classic or antique vehicle is an enclosed vehicle, as it provides more protection to your car. We recommend going with enclosed containerized car shipping in order to safeguard your cars appearance and its monetary value.

    Operating our own fleet allows Intercity Lines to offer Show Car Transport services regardless of your location, or what auto show you wish to display your car.

    To maximize profits, many carriers will send cars from California to Texas, pick up an extra nine cars in Texas/then bring the remaining cars down to Florida. The amount of time your vehicle takes to be shipped ultimately depends on the distance between the pickup and the drop-off locations. If you have booked far enough ahead, there is no issue — if you do not, then an auto transportation company may need to rework their schedules to accommodate your vehicle in a specific spot, which can prolong how long your car takes to get picked up at the source point and delivered somewhere else.

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