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    Shipping Car Cost For Electric Car

    Shipping is the fastest, safest, most convenient way to get your vehicle to wherever you need to go across the U.S. While car transporter trucking is the most popular choice, it is far from the only way to get a car moved cross-country. Getting your vehicle shipped with a specialized car hauler is the best way to ensure that it gets where it needs to go, with no worries on your part.

    The further away the vehicle needs to travel by car hauler, the more the vehicle transport costs. It is also worth keeping in mind that the more distance your vehicle is being shipped, the lower it costs to haul it each mile. If your vehicle is non-running, this increases the cost to transport your car because a moving company needs special equipment or a tow truck to get your car on and off an auto transportation trailer.

    The additional precautions that the company will have to take to safely transport your electric car can add to your total transportation costs. Another factor to consider is that, under certain circumstances, a company shipping your vehicle might choose to take additional precautions, getting a special license for carrying electric vehicles, which they could then utilize. Car transport companies, then, may require additional equipment or insurance for EV transportation, and those extra precautions will affect your transportation costs as well.

    If you have to move your vehicle cross-country, there are a number of methods that are available, along with vehicle-specific factors that will impact cost. Because the car transportation industry is a seasonal business, the time of year that you are shipping your car across the country will play a key role in determining your shipping costs.

    The best way to find out what it might cost to transport a car is by comparing car transportation quotes online from a number of car transportation providers. Comparing instant quotes from multiple shippers and using an auto transportation calculator are a few of the easiest ways to figure out car transportation costs. Car transportation costs are always tailored to individuals, and are very variable depending on the transportation needs of your car.

    Whether you need to move a vehicle from Alabama to California, or from Florida to Washington, our Car Shipping Cost Calculator will give you an estimate of your vehicle transportation costs in seconds. A vehicle transport company is the safest, fastest, and most affordable way to move your electric car to its final destination. Shipping your hybrid or electric car could help you save even more money, eliminating the need to drive the car to your destination.

    Your electric car will remain turned off during the entire vehicle shipping process, meaning it is not any more dangerous to transport than a traditional car. Your electric car will be turned on only when being loaded and unloaded by the transport truck, ship, or aircraft. Your car will not be turned on during the entire auto transportation process, except while being loaded and unloaded from a truck, ship, or plane.

    While your electric car will undergo a complete 22-point inspection when you pick it up, it is important to take the time to prep your car as well before the transportation deadline. Since your electric vehicle will be loaded on a motor carrier and does not need any stops at charging stations, transportation times are unaffected, and they should take as long as a gasoline-powered car.

    Shipping your EV requires finding a transporter that has experience moving electric cars, along with equipment and an understanding of the delicate components that are included in every car that they handle. Shipping your EV can also take extra legwork out of the transportation companies day, such as lithium-battery training, getting special permits, and providing the specific equipment needed to move batteries securely.

    You can send a car right out of a Tesla, but that can be expensive — typically $1,500 — and uses a public car carrier. You can ship the vehicle right from Tesla, but it is expensive (usually $1,500 ), and it uses open-air car haulers. Yes, you can ship an EV or HYBRID car through a Ro/Ro, and it is generally just the same price as an average diesel/gasoline car.

    The average car shipment costs between $1,000-$2,000, though costs can range much further beyond this range. It will cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $1,300 to send a car from Minnesota to Texas, depending on where in the country you live. The average cost in the industry for shipping a vehicle using a vehicle hauler is more than $2.00 per mile for trips under 200 miles.

    Cars are the most economical types of vehicles to transport, as they require less space on the trailer and weigh less than other types of vehicles. Speaking of weight limitations, let us talk for a minute about electric cars, because they are the exception to the Car is the cheapest type of vehicle to ship. Vehicles in this category are slightly larger and heavier than cars, so they are slightly more expensive to ship.

    Some vehicles are larger or heavier than others, and they require more space on the vehicle carriers, which is why the prices are higher. As discussed throughout this article, larger, heavier vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and vans are more expensive to carry than sedans or compact cars.

    However, if you are flexible, you will pay less because you can wait to find a transporter who will carry and deliver your vehicle according to its scheduled routes. If you have a strict timeline for shipping our cars, you will generally pay more since you will need to motivate the carrier to prioritize delivery of your vehicle.

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