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    The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car From Florida To Texas

    If you would like an accurate quote to move your vehicle from Florida to Texas, use our online calculator for a free, instant estimate. Speaking in general terms, shipping a car from Texas to Florida could range anywhere from several hundred dollars to more than $1,000. Whatever your reasons are for shipping a car, there are several things that may affect the cost to send a car from Texas to Florida, either directly or indirectly.

    If you have to move your vehicle cross-country, there are a number of methods that are available, along with factors that are specific to your vehicle that affect cost. Shipping seasons will play a role in how much it costs to ship your vehicle, since the general supply and demand varies from year-to-year. Sometimes things as simple as what day of the week you want your vehicle picked up or delivered will influence your average cost of shipping your vehicle.

    If pick up and drop off locations are remote, away from big cities or Interstates, you will pay more for car shipping. If your car hauler is more likely to be able to collect other vehicles close to where you start, or en route to your destination, your auto transportation costs will be lower. Alternatively, if you are able to drop off the vehicle at one central transportation hub and have them picked up at a different hub, then you can expect savings.

    This can also benefit drivers, as they can pick up multiple cars at a single location and drop them off at a single shipping location, not driving so far. One benefit of enclosed auto transportation services over open car transportation is the various ways enclosed car transportation trucks can load vehicles.

    Since cheaper car transportation services are generally provided by open auto transport carriers, the vast majority of unused vehicles are shipped by open auto transport trucks. The shipping rates, on average, are 40%-50% higher with enclosed transportation versus an open carrier.

    The cheapest way to transport your vehicle is through an open transportation carrier; however, as anyone who has shipped their own car can attest, there is no such thing as the cheapest way to move your car. Even if terminal-to-terminal shipping is the cheapest way to send a car, Number 1 Auto Transport does not generally recommend terminal-to-terminal; as moving it among several parties makes it much more likely for damage to occur to your car. While shipping your vehicle by auto carrier is the most popular option, it is far from the only way to move your car cross-country.

    The industry term for this type of move is open-jaw transportation – and it is an easy way to save hundreds. If you have to move your vehicle over or around a big body of water, a port-to-port delivery may be the best choice. Let AutoStar Transport Express handle your car transportation needs so that you can get your car from Florida to Texas with ease.

    Every client is important to AutoStar Transport Express; that is why we are better than any regular car moving company in Florida at moving your vehicle to Texas. We have over 15 years experience with Texas auto transport services, and are considered to be the best car transportation company in Texas. At Number 1 Auto Transport, Number 1 Auto Transport realizes that hiring the wrong company could prove to be expensive when moving a vehicle across country.

    At American Auto Transport, we have our own auto transportation rates calculator which tracks more than 500 points of auto transportation data, live, in order to make sure that our prices are always built for moving, as well as being competitive. To get more precise car transportation rates for your specific car, use our Free Auto Transport Rates Calculator.

    Getting a few quotes is an easy way to get a feel for fair market rates and help you find the lowest-cost auto transportation companies, should you be working on a budget. Using an online auto transportation calculator is the fastest way to get transportation quotes from some of the best companies in Florida.

    If you are considering moving your vehicle to Florida, it is helpful to learn the average costs, what you can expect when shipping, and what vehicle transportation companies are best. Most transportation companies do not require a down payment for booking, so you can get an estimate and reserve your Florida auto transportation.

    Cheap Florida auto transportation is relatively easy to find through uShip, although rates rise significantly for transporting vehicles from other states. Between those sweet extras and the surprisingly low prices, Easy Auto Ship is an affordable transportation option that is well worth reaching out for a free auto transportation quote. The quotes we received from Easy Auto Ship ranged from $704 for a 500-mile journey, up to $1,407 for a 1500-mile haul.

    If you have a neighbor who has shipped cars, and they are satisfied with the results, we recommend crossing-shopping this carrier against the ones you can find online. Compare Prices With Reputation: While it might be tempting to go with the lowest car-shipping price you can find, that car-transporting company is not always going to be your best bet.

    Sure, you might need to pay for their flight home again, you have to cover gas costs as well, and there is some wear on the vehicle, but this can be a cheaper way of shipping your vehicle. Because some carriers do not need to deliver a vehicle to you directly, but instead may simply deliver it to a conveniently located terminal yard, their rates are typically lower than carriers that deliver from door-to-door. Choose Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Service: Nearly every car transportation carrier will come get your vehicle from the current location and bring it to its final destination.

    Note that the prices listed above are for only contiguous US auto transportation services. A car shipped internationally to Hawaii typically costs $800-$1,350, and a vehicle transported between Alaska (Juneau), Washington, and Seattle costs about $1,300.

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    Get It Done TransportationAutoTransport

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