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    What’S The Best Price To Ship A Car

    Get It Done has hundreds of moving companies willing to bid on your auto shipping jobs, and they will typically offer quotes that are as much as 75% cheaper than the going rates, but you will first have to evaluate your options. To pick the right auto transport company, you will need to determine first what type of services you require, which can include door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, open-air car shipping, or enclosed auto shipping. Types of Car Shipping Services: The type of car transportation services you select will also impact your auto transportation costs, with single-car trailers and enclosed transportation both driving up prices.

    The shipping rates, on average, are 40% to 50% higher with enclosed transportation than open-cargo carriers. Because enclosed carriers move less vehicles, auto shipping companies charge an increased rate for enclosed transportation. The main reason for using an enclosed transportation service is for shipping a car you wish to preserve in its original condition, like a luxury car or a classic.

    Container shipping is a perfect option to send your luxury or exotic vehicle, as shipping your car via a container will guarantee it arrives at the desired destination intact. If you are looking for a safer method of transporting a luxury vehicle, Container shipping is an ideal option for you. The best way to reduce the costs of vehicle transportation is by choosing open-air car transport, keeping your shipping timeline flexible.

    Requiring leaves little time for a car moving company to arrange for the delivery using vehicle transportation practices that would have been more effective (i.e., having the trailer loaded full). This means that a truck driving the vehicle for a vehicle shipment ends up having to cover extra miles, meaning that more time and fuel is spent on picking up and dropping off vehicles.

    When you are looking to move a car over long distances (for instance, moving a car cross-country), costs will vary depending on what level of service you are expecting, how long you are willing to wait to get your delivery, whether you are going door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal, and if the company you are working with has a truck drivers shortage. Prices will vary greatly depending on your transporter and the level of service you select, and you can expect to pay anywhere from 40 cents to $2 a mile to transport a car. For instance, if you own a 7000-pound F-350, you can expect to pay double the amount a 3600-pound vehicle costs to move.

    If you are sending a heavier car, expect to pay more, but do not let the shipper charge you too much if you are sending a lighter car. The size of the vehicle you are shipping is one of the biggest factors that can influence price, for two reasons.

    If you own a luxury or classic vehicle, you are going to need to carefully assess your risks in order to decide whether saving some money on car transportation is worthwhile to you. There are a lot of reasons auto transportation quotes may differ from company to company for exactly the same move. There are a few different timings to take into consideration when looking for an affordable car transportation quote and a mover that you can trust.

    You may also get a car transportation quote directly from the carrier, but that is not always going to be the final price you end up paying. When using a moving broker, an independent moving company makes an offer for a contract from your car moving request.

    Because some carriers do not need to deliver your vehicle to you directly, but rather they may simply deliver it to a conveniently located terminal yard, their rates are typically lower than carriers that deliver from door-to-door. As a general rule, if you are looking to have the vehicle transported somewhere near your location, you should pay slightly less than what you would for long-distance transportation. If you are fortunate enough to have a friend who is located at the same place that wants to move his or her vehicle, then carpooling for transportation could save you a bit of money, as it is cheaper to ship more than one car versus on a per-car basis.

    If your pickup and drop off locations are in distant locations, far away from big cities or Interstates, you will pay more for car shipping. The most common and least expensive way to send your car across the country is by open-jaw transport, which has a terminal-to-terminal shipping service. Average Cost of Car Shipping While car transportation costs depend on many factors, you can expect auto transportation rates to range from around $500 for a short interstate haul to over $1,700 for a cross-country haul.

    According to a study by the comparison website Get It Done, the average cost of delivering a vehicle under 200 miles is $2.92 per mile. The average car shipment costs range between $500-1,100 for a 4-door sedan, and from about $750-1,400 for smaller SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans (based on moving a vehicle from California to New York).

    The average car shipping costs range between $ 500- $ 1,100 for a 4-door sedan and from around $ 750 to $ 1,400 for small SUVs, pickups, and vans (based on a California to New York move ). Company Car Shipping Distance Cost Estimates Sherpa Auto Transport 1500 Miles $1,075 Get It Done 1500 Miles $1,199 SGT Auto Transport 1500 Miles $1,459 Get It Done 1500 Miles $1,995 American Auto Shipping 1500 Miles $2,079 Sherpa Auto Transport 1500 Miles $2,079 Short-Distance Auto Shipping Prices Our research team obtained quotes from car transport services for a 5-mile drive between Orlando, FL, and Durham, NC — 535 miles. Company Shipping Distance Cost Estimate Sherpa Auto Transport 1,500 miles $ 1,075 Get It Done 1,500 miles $ 1,199 SGT Auto Transport 1,500 miles $ 1,459 Get It Done 1,500 miles $ 1,995 American Auto Shipping 1,500 miles $ 2,079 Sherpa Auto Transport 1,500 miles $ 2,079 Cheap Short-Distance Car Transport our research team got quotes for short-distance car shipping services from Orlando, Florida, to Durham, North Carolina – a distance of 535 miles. In addition, a few companies have averaged prices from other companies.

    Car-shipping companies on Get It Done are usually looking to fill up spaces in trips that they are already making, which means that using Get It Done is good for the environment since those trips are being made anyway, but it also means that car-shipping quotes can be as much as 75% cheaper than regular rates. The next biggest factor affecting shipping prices is the choice of carriers: whether you choose open-top trailers or enclosed carriers.

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    Get It Done TransportationAutoTransport

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